Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the school registered with the Department of Education?

The school is registered with the DOE as an Independent School: registration number TS 700 400443

2. Are there safety procedures in place for our childern in case of emergency?

Children are taken care of and supervised by our well trained teachers. In case of emergency, first aid procedures in place will be followed in line with the laid down emergency by the Department of Education (DOE)

3. Should the parent have concerns how are these addressed?

Please contact the School Principal on, telephone 012-6634062

4. Is there a school transport to fetch the childern and drop them at different residences?

Transport for children can be arranged with the school registered transport providers. Please contact the school to register your child for transportation

5. Is there aftercare services and how does it work?

Aftercare service is provided by the school during the school term at a fee. Children are cared for in a secure supervised environment after school ends at 1pm. A healthy snack is provided for lunch. Home work assistance is provided for each pupil from 2pm – 3pm. Aftercare closes at 5.30pm and children must be picked by the closing time. Please see applicable rates under enrolment section

6. What are the banking details for payment of school fees?

If you wish to enrol your child, please submit the application form to school. Once we have received the application form we will issue an invoice for the amount due. The invoice includes the school bank account details. You can deposit cash into the account or pay by bank transfer (EFT)

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